Noitom introduced its first product for the consumer market during CES 2017. The Hi5 VR Glove delivers full hand and finger action motion within a virtual environment with the use of IMU sensors, the same technology used for the Perception Neuron mocap suit. Partnering with HTC Vive for the annual show, Noitom introduced the Hi5 Glove (a set of two) as the newest accessory for VR which promises lightening-fast response, pinpoint accuracy and plug and play convenience. The Hi5 VR Glove contains six, nine-axis IMU sensors on each finger for full left-and-right hand motion capture with high-performance tracking. With the advent of this latest product announcement, Noitom continues to further establish itself as a major player in the virtual reality industry. Learn more about the Hi5 VR Glove here. The Hi5 VR Glove will make its official launch into the consumer market in Spring 2017.