Biomechanics for Golf Professionals
The science of motion capture is giving golfers an advantage on the course.

MySwing Professional

Experience the first wireless, indoor-outdoor, and full body motion capture tool dedicated to golf.

MySwing Professional puts the power of biomechanics in the hands of every golf pro. It is a custom motion capture system designed to study the full body motion of a golfer with the motion of the club. It is a portable and affordable golf instruction tool that can be set up indoors or outdoors in minutes. MySwing Professional is used by independent golf instructors, university golf coaches and researchers, country clubs and golf courses.

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MySwing Sensors


Water resistant inertial sensors, including three-axis gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers. High spec, dedicated shaft sensor that measures up to 2500 dps and 16 g’s.

MySwing Teach with Biomechanics

Teach with Biomechanics

Use our powerful software to do everything from viewing a golf swing in 3D, all the way through advanced biomechanical analysis.

MySwing Social Media Platforms

A Social Media Platform

View, share, and compare biomechanical data. All software features, including 3D views, are available online.